…is a new, visual and interactive tool for debugging X11 clients. Watch the video below to get an impression of how it feels and enjoy weeding out the problems of your X11 code :)

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x11vis aims to be a useful tool for debugging X11 clients. Its main focus is on being as visual and interactive as possible. Replacing X11 atom, window, font or pixmap IDs with human readable names is the most basic functionality. Contrary to other tools like xtrace, x11vis will display human readable IDs on all requests, no matter at which point in time the information gets available.

To help you cope with lots of data, x11vis displays only the most important information by default, automatically folds sequences of boring requests, allows you to filter by packet type or client and provides so-called markers between you can navigate. Also, instead of just assigning a number to each connection, x11vis displays the command line with which that client was started.

To learn more, please see the manual.

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